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The 7 Best Spiked Seltzers For a Low-Sugar Alternative to Margaritas

There’s nothing that says “summer” quite like a refreshing frosé or piña colada. It can be hard to resist those frosty, boozy favorites—until you take a look at the sugar and calorie counts. Take for example the regular frozen margarita from On the Border: It’s 220 calories with 2,870 mg of sodium, 30 grams of carbs, and 26 grams of sugar. And that’s the regular, not even the grande. So what’s an alternative to these sky-high calorie drinks when you want to sip on something refreshing? Enter the spiked seltzer.

See, not only are these canned “cocktails” made with all-natural flavors, but they’re lower in carbs than almost all beers. The light, fizzy drink will help you quench your summer-sized thirst without giving you the sugar rush.

Spiked seltzers have been making quite the splash in the past few years: A Nielsen report showed that sales of hard seltzer grew by triple digits in 2018 alone, so you’ll probably find a few national and local brands at your local grocery or liquor store as more and more labels come to market.

Here are a few of the best spiked seltzer brands you’ll be reaching for all summer long.