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Season 21

Finale recap: And the winner is… for

Episode 39: The final three houseguests, recapped for

Episode 36: Lies, lies, and more lies for

Episode 34: Two roads diverged for

Episode 33: An HOH three-peat for

Episode 30: Expect the … expected for

Episode 29: Send in the clowns for

Episode 25: Two girls, one veto for

Episode 24: They’re playing chess—not checkers for

Episode 22: Three (on the block) is a crowd for

Episode 21: America’s Field Trip vs. HOH for

Episode 18: All hell breaks loose for

Episode 17: Is this the end of Six Shooters? for

Episode 15: A houseguest fights through poison ivy for HOH for

Episode 10: Nicole unknowingly puts a target on her back for

Episode 9: Nick considers a bold move as HOH for

Episode 8: Michie thinks the game ‘turned upside down’ for

Episode 7: A houseguest gets bad news from home for

Episode 6: There’s a snake (or three) in the house for

Season premiere: Welcome to summer camp for

Big Brother exit interviews with contestants and Julie Chen

Season 19

Julie Chen weighs in on who will win the Big Brother Battle Back for

Latest Big Brother evictee, Dominique Cooper, reveals who she thinks can go the farthest now for