My annoyance with Secret Santa scams |

Please stop sharing Secret Santa scams on your Facebook No, you’re not going to get 36 gifts in return There’s a thing that happens on Facebook. It happens every year ahead of the holidays. It happens every year, but this year it seems to be happening (on my feed, at least) with a vengeance. It’s […]

The importance of thank you notes |

I send handwritten thank you cards—and you should, too No, an email isn’t the same I grew up in a middle income home in middle America. We were certainly not what you would call “fancy.” I’m pretty sure what we used as a “butter knife” for most of my life was actually a fish knife. […]

A lack of long-sleeved dresses |

Why can’t I find long-sleeved professional dresses? The lack of work-appropriate winter wear for women is a real issue Long-sleeved dresses are the holy grail of dresses. And I’m not talking about the long-sleeved mini-dresses you wear to look cute when going out in winter but actually freeze in all night long. I’m talking the […]

Editor’s Letters | Vox Magazine

Editorial writing for Vox Magazine during summer of 2011
Dalene Rovenstine journalist,sitting on a benche

Dalene Rovenstine

Dalene Rovenstine is a content marketing executive in New York.