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Clean Mama shares how to tackle spring cleaning

The cleaning influencer offers tips along with her new book release

Becky Rapinchuk began sharing her cleaning routine on the internet in 2009, before Instagram and influencers were a thing, during the “wild wild west of blogging,” as Becky describes it. Before Becky had kids, she could take all day to clean her home, but once her family grew, she realized that wouldn’t work. She had an epiphany: “Maybe I need to be cleaning a little bit every day.”

As a teacher and a mom to three, Becky developed a system that worked for her family—she created printable checklists for herself and thought maybe she could share them on a blog. And that’s how Clean Mama was born.

Becky’s website,, is now chock full of checklists, how-to guides, cleaning tips and more. Her Instagram has more than 300K followers, and she even sells her own line of cleaning products. On March 5, Becky released her third book: Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home.

Read Becky’s best tips for getting the job done during spring and beyond here.