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Season 16

Episode 14: “Finale, Part 2” In the season finale, the remaining four designers battle it out at New York Fashion Week.

Episode 13: “Finale, Part 1” After five weeks at home, five designers present a sneak peek of their 10-look collections to the judges. Only four continue on.

Episode 12: “There’s Snow Business Like Sew Business” It’s a winter wonderland on the runway as the designers create cold-weather fashions.

Episode 11: “Warrior Fashion” Inspired by Avon and women who have battled through life, the Warrior Women” theme evokes strong designs from the contestants.

Episode 10: “Driving Miss Unconventional” It’s an unconventional challenge sponsored by Lexus as only six designers remain.

Episode 9: “A Little Avant Garde” It’s a high-fashion challenge, but episode 9 is all about season 16’s biggest scandal—cheating.

Episode 8: “Client on the Go” Dixie sponsors a challenge where designers must create their own print for a working woman, but the winner leaves the other contestants up in arms.

Episode 7: “The Ultimate Faceoff” As the designers pair up for a challenge, the twins must go head-to-head.

Episode 6: “Models Off Duty” The season 16 models are at the center of this episode, where they are also the client.

Episode 5: “Descending Into Good and Evil” Dove Cameron and China Anne McClain ask the designers to create Descendant-inspired looks.

Episode 4: “We’re Sleeping Wear?” The designers get the opportunity to sleep atop the Empire State Building to get inspiration for an intimates challenge.

Episode 3: “A Leap of Innovation!” Contestants create looks that can transform while one designer gets a sew-debilitating injury.

Episode 2: “An Unconventional Recycling” It’s the season’s first unconventional challenge, where the designers get their supplies from a recycling center.

Episode 1: “One Size Does Not Fit All” The season 16 designers get a surprise in the season premiere when they learn that they’ll be designing for models ranging from size 2 to 22.

Season 15

Episode 14: “Finale, Part 2” With one day before New York Fashion Week, the final four designers must finish their collections.

Episode 13: “Finale, Part 1” Michael Kors stops by as a guest designer—”It’s good to be home,” he tells the remaining four designers.

Episode 12: “An Unconventional Trip” The designers travel to Austin, Texas, to compete in a third unconventional challenge.

Episode 11: “Bold Innovation” An unconventional challenge meets avant garde.

Episode 10: “A Power Trip” The designers take a helicopter trip over NYC to inform their designs: high fashion looks for high-powered women.

Episode 9: “Life Is Full of Surprises” Friends and family flood the workroom to serve as clients for the designers.

Episode 8: “Project Pop Up” Teams of three create colorful collections for a Sally Beauty Pop-Up shop.

Episode 7: “Welcome to the Urban Jungle” After visiting Universal, the designers create King Kong-inspired streetwear—which is totally normal?

Episode 6: “There IS Crying in Fashion” Luxurious cocktail dresses abound in this blogger-as-client challenge.

Episode 5: “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ “ It’s the first (much-dreaded) team challenge of season 15.

Episode 4: “Sink or Swim” It’s a swimwear challenge, and not a single designer is excited about it.

Episode 3: “Blacklight or Daylight?” All the designers must create looks that look great in regular runway lighting and on a blacklight runway.

Episode 2: “Just Fabulous!” The “every woman” challenge comes early in the season, except the “every woman” is the size 2 models.

Episode 1: “An Unconventional Launch Party” Season 15 designers have to kick off the season with an unconventional challenge.

Season 14

Episode 14: “Finale, Part Two”

Episode 13: “Finale, Part One”

Episode 12: “Roll Out the Red Carpet”

Episode 11: “The Runway’s in 3-D”

Episode 10: “Crew’s All In”

Episode 9: “Make It Sell”

Episode 8: “Broadway or Bust”

Episode 7: “Haute Tech Couture”

Episode 6: “Lace to the Finish”

Episode 5: “Gunn and Heid”

Episode 4: “Fashion Flip”

Episode 3: “Shut Up and Sew”

Episode 2: “It’s All in the Cards”

Episode 1: “Mad Dash Mayhem”

Season 13

Episode 14: “Finale, Part 2”

Episode 13: “Finale, Part 1”

Episode 12: “Fashion Week: Who’s In and Who’s Out”

Episode 11: “The Highest Bidder”

Episode 10: “Find Your Muse”

Episode 9: “The History of the American Girl”

Episode 8: “Rainway”

Episode 7: “Priceless Runway”

Episode 6: “It’s a Nice Day for a Rock Wedding”

Episode 5: “The Klum of Doom”

Episode 4: “Remixing an American Classic”

Episode 3: “Past, Present, and Future”

Episode 2: “Unconventional Movie Night”

Episode 1: “Final Audition”