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Model Liris Crosse is ready for plus-size fashion to be the norm

With her recent book Make the World Your Runway, the former Project Runway model is arming women with confidence

Liris Crosse
Photo by Shane Suban

Liris Crosse has been blazing trails in the modeling industry ever since she set foot on the runway. Dubbed “Naomi Campbell of Plus,” Liris is the first plus-size model to win the model portion of Project Runway. But the Lifetime reality show isn’t the only way she’s made a name for herself. She’s been outspoken about the need for better representation in the industry for years. And with her new book Make the World Your Runway, Liris is hoping to share her own confidence to women of all shapes and sizes.

Ahead of her busy schedule at fashion week, Grok Nation caught up with Liris to learn more about how she got her start, how the industry still needs to change, and why she felt it was important to write this book.

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