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Keto fast food | Eat This, Not That

The best keto-approved orders at your favorite fast food chains If you follow a specific meal plan, you’ve probably dreamt of meal prepping on weekends, carried approved snacks on you at all times, and been ready with alternatives when you find yourself at a dinner party or a meal out of your control. But in […]

Best instant coffees | Eat This, Not That

The best and worst instant coffees—ranked With $7 lattes becoming the norm and boutique coffee shops around every corner, it’s easy to become a coffee elitist. And if you fancy yourself a coffee snob, you may look past instant coffee blends. But instant coffee has made strides in the past few years. And with new brands […]

Popular candy bars | Eat This, Not That

The most popular candy bars in America There’s one thing Americans can typically agree on, and that’s candy bars. The average American consumes a whopping 22 pounds of candy per year—and nearly half of that is chocolate. Since the early 1900s, when Hershey’s came on the scene, candy bars have been a part of the American diet. You see […]

2019 food trends | Eat This, Not That

The best and worst fast food trends of 2019 Another year has come and gone, and with it has come plenty of fast-food trends. Some, like the Impossible Whopper, are great for both the environment and our taste buds. But others have us wondering who thought they were a good idea—we’re looking at you, KFC Cheetos […]

2020 food trend predictions | Eat This, Not That

18 ways you’ll be eating differently in 2020 If you’re someone who makes New Year’s resolutions, there’s no doubt that the start of a new year (and a new decade!) is a time for growth. Whether you’re trying to eat more vegetables or just treat your tastebuds to some new types of foods, January can […]

Underrated restaurant dishes | Eat This, Not That

The most underrated menu item at 13 popular restaurant chains The boneless wings at Applebee’s. The chicken and dumplins at Cracker Barrel. The Bloomin’ Onion at Outback Steakhouse. There’s a reason these chain restaurant dishes are so iconic. Fans have been ordering them consistently over the years, and they’re standout offerings from the restaurants. But […]

Wendy’s burgers | Eat This, Not That

Here’s why Wendy’s burgers have square patties As you bite into your junior bacon cheeseburger at Wendy’s, you may be too busy enjoying it to think about the square patty that sits between the bun… and wonder why it’s shaped that way. Truth is, the fast food brand uses square patties in all of its burgers, and there’s a […]

My Favorite Recipe |

A recurring feature on Grok Nation that features a celebrity or chef and his or her favorite recipe. My Fair Lady on Broadway’s Linda Mugleston on a family Christmas tradition Chef Bruce Kalman shares his holiday passion project—and a homemade cavatelli dish The Cocktail Guru, Jonathan Pogash, shares a winter tiki drink recipe

Wine of the week |

A weekly column for Grok Nation that features a different sommelier recommended wine each Friday. November 20, 2018: All the wines fit for Thanksgiving October 19, 2018: Not light, not full, these fall wines are perfectly balanced for the season September 21, 2018: Castello Nipozzano’s Lucia Minoggio says winemaking is “a blend of art and […]

Meal delivery reviews |

Meal service review roundup: Which subscription should you try? Marley Spoon review: Martha Stewart-approved dishes that anyone could make Sun Basket review: A healthy alternative in the meal delivery market HelloFresh review: When I learned how to use my broiler Home Chef review: Best box for quick meals Plated review: Our favorite meal kit service […]
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