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Mezcal drinks | Gotham

Drink writing for the spring 2014 issue of Gotham magazine

New snacks for spring | Eat This, Not That

17 snacks to try for spring Almonds, popcorn, cheese sticks… sometimes the same ol’ snacks can get a bit, well, stale. Don’t have time to peruse the grocery store shelves to find the hottest new items? Don’t worry—we’ve done it for you. Here, we’ve rounded up the best new sweet and savory foods that are hitting the supermarket […]

7 best spiked seltzers | Eat This, Not That

The 7 Best Spiked Seltzers For a Low-Sugar Alternative to Margaritas There’s nothing that says “summer” quite like a refreshing frosé or piña colada. It can be hard to resist those frosty, boozy favorites—until you take a look at the sugar and calorie counts. Take for example the regular frozen margarita from On the Border: It’s […]

The science of leftovers | Eat This, Not That

The Scientific Reason Why Leftovers Taste So Good Leftovers often get a bad name, thanks to foods that don’t reheat as well (looking at you, soggy sandwiches). However, there are many dishes that actually taste better after sitting in the fridge for a day or two. And there’s a scientific reason why. Read the full story […]

Charcuterie board tips | Eat This, Not That

How to build the perfect charcuterie board “Charcuterie” is the French word for the preparation of meat such as bacon, terrines, pâtés, and more—but you probably know “charcuterie” as those fancy food boards you see foodies posting on Instagram. At its core, a charcuterie board is simply a combination of meat, cheese, spreads, and accompanying […]

Underrated fast food dishes | Eat This, Not That

The most underrated fast-food dishes out there When you sit down at your favorite restaurant, you probably know exactly what you are going to order. It’s the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Deluxe or the Double Double at In N’ Out. But what about the underrated dishes at chain restaurants across the country? Here, we’ve compiled the most underrated […]

Shirataki noodles | Eat This, Not That

What are shirataki noodles? Meet the low-calorie pasta your kitchen needs If you’ve ever done a round of Whole30 or attempted to eat paleo or keto, you probably know all about compliant noodles. There are some you can make at home with a spiralizer such as zucchini noodles (or zoodles, if you’re fancy), as well as noodles made from carrots, […]

1970s restaurants | Eat This, Not That

Only 1970s kids will remember these restaurants You probably have a go-to favorite restaurant, whether it’s a chain or just a local eatery in your town. But many food lovers also know the heartbreak that comes with your favorite restaurant closing for good. And if you grew up in the 1970s, you might have had […]

1980s restaurants | Eat This, Not That

Only 1980s kids will remember these restaurants The restaurants your family ate at when you were growing up might not have been the finest dining establishments, but they probably hold a special place in your heart. Chain restaurants are reliable, no matter where you are in the country (or the world). But not all of them have […]

1990s restaurants | Eat This, Not That

Only 1990s kids will remember these restaurants Ah, the 1990s. People were still using dial-up internet connections, frosted tips were in style, and boy bands were all the rage. But fast forward a few years, and you’ll see that the decade wasn’t always kind. These 1990s restaurants may be familiar to people who grew up […]
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